WordPress SEO Plugin for Automatic Post Interlinking Goes Premium [SEO Smart Links Review]

December 16, 2010, By Alex Ion

Out of the box WordPress is a great solution for anyone trying to start their website in minutes. It’s easy to use, quite well optimized and allows plenty of customization.

But what do yo do when you need a special plugin to cover a special aspect on your site? There are always business plugins that you could consider if you wouldn’t mind paying a small amount of your hard earned cash to have one up.

Automatic Interlinking of Articles With SEO Smart Links

Say you’re running a blog and you know what SEO means. Everyone tells you that links count the most and that they will get you ranked in search engines. They also tell you that external links are the most important.

But internal links have value, too. First thing you’ll think about is that from now on, every article you’ll write will have to link back to your older posts. That’s a very good idea if you ask me, except for the fact that at some point you’ll probably get bored with doing it manually and will look for an automated solution.

What do you do then?

There’s a plugin called SEO Smart Links by Vladimir Prelovac that will help you with that.

According to their site, SEO Smart Links “improves the overall SEO strength of your blog by automatic interlinking your content as well as allowing you to specify your own custom keywords to be automatically linked to any website or page.” Which makes it perfect for either the casual blogger, any Internet marketers or even professional SEO agencies who deliver to their clients.

That’s exactly what I needed for one of my blogs, so Vladimir was kind enough to provide me a business version of his plugin for reviewing purposes. So here are some of the reasons I had to give it a try:

  • automatically content interlinking for improved search rankings (you get to choose the keywords if you want) and for better and deeper crawling of your site
  • it features an improved content parsing algorithm that will “rarely” make any mistakes now; on top of that, it’s three times faster than what it used to be in the free version
  • you also get manual control by adding custom keywords to target.

SEO Smart Links Premium (Review)

As a premium plugin, SEO Smart Links will be available in Personal, Professional and Business versions.

Pretty sure the above image explains quite well what are the differences but I’ll try to give it a try and explain the way it works on your server.

First thing you should know is that it works out of the box. Just install it and forget about it — it’s getting the job done while you’re enjoying beer with the guys in the pub. The good stuff is that the “linking algorithm” has been modified extensively. It now prevents cross-category linking (autolink to articles within the same category only if you want to, can only parse posts older than given number of days, can match post slug keywords and brings WP 3.0 custom taxonomies support.

All these things can be modified in the settings page — and believe me there are loads of things you can dictate for your blog.

And the things I enjoyed most so far:

  1. Advanced custom keywords options — In the premium version of SEO Smart Links the custom keywords get new features like:
    • A visual interface and the option to enable automatic checking for plurals (only for English sites that is) are great additions
    • Yo now get to redirect your affiliate links in a more advanced way that includes link cloaking, too
    • Separate your keywords, URLs and optional redirection with “|” and you’ll be able to export or import to/from Excel. Quite useful if dealing with large files. On top of that you can also specify your own separator for custom keywords.
    • When you specify multiple URLs per keyword(s), the plugin will pick one at random
  2. Override settings at post level — Translated to English it means that you can optionally override global rules at post level: completely disable linking or forbidding automatic links to that post, override or add custom keywords for that specific post, or even specify additional keywords you want this post to be recognized for in automatic linking.
  3. Statistics — This is my favorite feature of them all (available only in the Business version). The fact that you get to see on what pages links were generated and for what keywords, it’s quite powerful. The statistics screen gives you the full insight of the plugin activity. On top of that, it provides separate detailed data per post title, keyword and target URL.
  4. Caching — This is my second favorite feature (also available only in the Business version). SEO Smart Links now uses caching (works perfect with either WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache plugins) so that it won’t create any extra loads for your visitors. It’s especially useful for larger sites where there are a lot of people browsing the pages.

Regarding pricing, the Personal version goes for $79, the Professional version will cost you $149 while the Business version will go for $299.

Check out more details about the plugin on its page, and check out the video below.

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