Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Update to be Called Mango

December 16, 2010, By Leo Xavier

We had reported that Microsoft will be showing off some iPad killing tablets and will announce Windows Phone 8 at CES next year. It appears that the company has more plans for that event. Latest info is suggesting that Microsoft is planning to announce a Windows Phone 7 update during that event.

There have been rumors flying around in all the tech sites about such an update. But those rumors had suggested a minor update.

Now, it appears that Microsoft has plans to announce a major update and the company has given a name for its upcoming WP7 update. The update is said to be codenamed Mango.

The Mango update, which is rumored to come after the minor updates, is said to add support for Silverlight run-time and HTML 5, and will also bring in additional languages.

Microsoft might also add more enterprise functionality with Mango, in particular additional support for Exchange ActiveSync policies that enforce security requirements for mobile devices, as the first WP7 devices are consumer focused phones.

We are expecting the announcement to be made by Steve Ballmer at CES.

Many see that as a likely scenario because the rumored CDMA support would offer carriers like Sprint and Verizon the ability to announce their WP7 launch device.

So far there have been no comments from Microsoft. We will keep you informing when we get more updates on the matter. So stay tuned.

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