LG Display Intros New 3D Panel with Next-Gen 3D Technology Called FPR

December 16, 2010, By Leo Xavier

LG Display has unveiled its new 3D panel that utilizes the company’s next-generation 3D technology called FPR, film-type patterned retarder, at a press event in China. Held under the theme of “opening a new 3D era that protects the eyes”, the new FPR 3D panel’s launch event was witnessed by representatives from companies including Skyworth, Haier, LG Electronics and Toshiba, who have agreed to cooperate for the promotion of the new FPR 3D technology.

The new technology is being claimed to not only deliver full HD picture quality, but also eliminates flicker and crosstalk which are problems associated with shutter glasses 3D displays.

And since the new technology uses film instead of glass substrate, the issue of high prices linked to the existing patterned retarder type panels can be solved.

Apart from these advantages, lightweight and comfortable polarized glasses with zero electromagnetic wave emission allow consumers to enjoy long hours of viewing without feeling any discomfort.

The company will focus on FPR 3D technology as it believes that FPR is superior in all aspects. It is expected that the Chinese and global LCD TV makers will offer a lineup of 3D LCD TV sets featuring FPR panels in the first quarter of 2011.

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