Apple to Launch Color E-Books in its iBookstore; Trouble for Amazon?

December 16, 2010, By Leo Xavier

Apple has announced that it will launch more than 100 color e-books in its iBookstore. And it appears that Apple’s new offerings will include more than just children’s books. “Ad Hoc at Home”, by famous chef Thomas Keller, photographer Anne Geddes’ “Beginnings”, “In the National Parks”, which is a collection of photos by Ansel Adams, are among the offerings that Apple will be bringing out.

But the question that everyone will be asking will be about what Amazon is planning to do next. Amazon’s flagship device, the Kindle, comes equipped with an E-ink screen and therefore cannot handle color.

This is one advantage that the iPad has over E-ink readers.

This problem is being fought by Amazon with its multi-device strategy. The Kindle may not be able to handle color, but that is not a problem for Kindle books read on phones, tablets, or computers.

But still, Apple’s new plan might put pressure on Amazon and it might result in the creation of Amazon’s own color e-reader.

But, Amazon is selling “millions” of Kindles. And you must also know by now that E-ink is notoriously readable, while backlit LCD screens, which are seen on the iPad and the Nook Color, are hard to read in bright sunlight and make your eyes weary after a few hours of reading. But we suggest that Amazon should plan on developing at least a shelf of color e-books.

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