WikiLeaks Courtroom Tweets Get the Green Light

December 15, 2010, By Leo Xavier

It appears that the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assanges’ trial has created history. The Chief Magistrate Howard Riddle agreed that journalists could send Tweets as long as they did it “quietly” and “did not disturb” the proceedings in the court.

As you might know, no one is allowed to use mobile phones in court, and televisions and recording equipments are also not allowed, although there are no legal rules related to the matter. Now you know why you still see drawings of the defendants (in newspapers and on the television) standing in the box.

But now it seems that the Chief Magistrate has given the first official green light for a tweet.

This new decision follows comments from the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, in a lecture in Belfast in November in which he openly suggested the easing of restrictions.

He had asked, “If it is possible to file a story via email from a laptop in court, then why is Twitter any different?”. Reporters are already able to file a story back to their publication via a notebook.

However some reports are suggesting that senior judges are actively considering whether courts should allow Tweets.

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