Notion Ink Adam Pre-Order Shipping Date Slips to Mid-January

December 15, 2010, By Leo Xavier

Are you someone who is waiting to get your hands on the Notion Ink Adam, after pre-ordering the device earlier? Then this news is going to disappoint you. It seems that some customers logging into the company’s status tracker are discovering that they will have to wait a little longer to play with the device than previously expected.

The latest info suggests that there will be a delay in the shipping of the Notion Ink Adam. It appears that the device will start shipping to customers who pre-ordered the device only by mid-January.

Out of Office had pre-ordered an Adam with a Pixel Qi screen, WiFi and 3G on pre-sale day, and was originally told that the device will ship on January 6 2011. Later, when they logged into the pre-order status checker on the Notion Ink site, that shipping date has now been updated to 15-22 January.

According to the status checker page, the date that was first promised by the company was the result of an error on the part of Notion Ink.

The note says that, “Prior to December 15th, there was an error in this page due to which the shipping date was being calculated incorrectly. We apologize for the inconvenience. The date shown here is the correct value, which reflects the date shown at the time you ordered.”

But they are also saying that, “This is our best estimate of the shipping date. The actual date may vary; we will keep you informed in case that happens. If you want to modify or cancel the Pre-Order, please contact”

So, they are not sure when the device will start shipping. You should also know that some of the customers who are posting on the official Notion Ink blog are reporting different dates of shipping, with one told to expect the device on January 9 2011.

So far there have been no comments from the part of the company. We will let you know as soon as we get the official confirmation. So stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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