Apple Investment Rumor in Toshiba Mobile Display Subsidiary Rubbished

December 15, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Heard someone talking about a possible Apple investment in Toshiba? Toshiba had come across some amount of grapevine talk on that and has vehemently rubbished such rumors. The rumors had been flying thick and fast about Apple making a sizable pump-in  of money into Toshiba Mobile Display subsidiary.

As you all know, the Toshiba Mobile Display arm is into manufacture of small and medium display panels. What this report had said was that Apple was also going to the extent of making Toshiba create fresh manufacturing methods for AMOLED displays. Does that ring a bell?

Whatever the rumors spoke about, Toshiba has denied the rumors. What we heard some time ago was that Toshiba was gearing up to spend close to $1.19 billion so as to build a display factory, focused on Apple products. That factory was being speeded up to get on stream right in time for Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone and other upcoming products.

Considering that the Toshiba Mobile Display subsidiary is a prominent stake holder in the LTPS arena, we shouldn’t blame people who think that there is some amount of truth in the rumors.

However, with the company rubbishing all those talk, we guess we should go by them. We guess we will wait to know more on that. What say?

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