Video Game Awards 2010 Highlights

December 14, 2010, By Christian Davis

The Video Game Awards have just ended with a bang and was easily the best one yet. A lot of new trailers were revealed and the new “Augmented Reality” feature that they added to the show which put floating holograms and screens throughout the show.

The augmented reality feature was cool to viewers at home to see, but I’m unsure if the people actually at the VGAs were able to see them. It felt almost like a scene out of Minority Report and was a cool little add-on. Seeing blockbuster titles like Halo: Reach or Call of Duty: Black Ops in this three dimensional view really shows how far 3D has come and suggested that this could possibly become mainstream on television.

Below, we have the videos of the augmented reality feature that bedazzled us at home. Nathan Fillion discussed Halo: Reach, Neil Patrick Harris was featured with Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Jose Gonzalez preformed “Far Away” for Red Dead Redemption to name a few.

Check them all out below.

Batman: Arkham City

VGA 2010 Batman: Arkham City Augmented Reality | Games & Gadgets |

God of War III

VGA 2010 God of War III Augmented Reality | Games & Gadgets |

Red Dead Redemption with Jose Gonzalez

VGA 2010 Jose Gonzalez Performs “Far Away” | Games & Gadgets |

Call of Duty: Black Ops with Neil Patrick Harris

VGA 2010 Call of Duty: Black Ops Augmented Reality | Games & Gadgets |

Halo: Reach with Nathan Fillion

VGA 2010 Halo: Reach Augmented Reality | Games & Gadgets |
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