Verizon iPhone Launch news: Is the poor show of Android handsets the reason Verizon desperately wants the Apple iPhone?

December 14, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

If you are out there desperately waiting for the iPhone to arrive on Verizon Wireless and feeling that you as a consumer are the one who wants it the most, then you could be indeed wrong. At this point of time it seems that Verizon themselves want the Apple iPhone to be hitting their store shelves and experts believe that the reason for this is the way their competition is selling iPhones compared to the sale of Android mobiles on Verizon.

Statics have it that AT&T are selling 2.5 times as many iPhones as android handsets that are being sold by Verizon each month. That seems like a huge margin and Verizon have finally realized that unless they get the iPhone onboard, they will not be able to beat their competition anytime soon in a conclusive fashion.

The talk of the Verizon iPhone has been in the air for several months now and it seems almost certain that one will be rolled out in 2011. Verizon hopes that with iPad and even the iPhone on its network it will, in a few years eliminate other networks from meaningful competition and hopes to cement its position as ‘the’ carrier in US.

With 4G LTE now out, an iPhone with LTE compatibility would be ideal as both Verizon and its users eagerly await the day Verizon iPhone 4 hits stores.

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