T-Mobile’s 2011 4G Tablet to come with Honeycomb OS on the inside?

December 14, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

T-Mobile has already announced a 4G tablet for 2011 and that was considered as some quick response to what the competition is willing to offer in the market today. While this will mean some pretty crazy internet speeds with connections that could offer as much as 10 Mbps, the big question doing rounds now is if this 4G Tablet will indeed come out n the much talked about Honeycomb OS.

Obviously the OS is not yet officially known and while t-Mobile will most definitely not confirm it for you, many who are in on this project (or believe that they are) say that it would be a touchscreen tablet with Honeycomb OS. So when will we exactly find out about what this future tablet holds on the inside?

If you are going to go by the T-Mobile line, then it will be sometime late into 2011, but it may not be long before further specs and possible features are leaked out through the ‘not so official’ sources. So hopefully we can confirm the Honeycomb OS for sure very soon indeed!

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