Sony PS3 Mass Effect 2 Demo up for download next week

December 14, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

While you will have to wait for Mass Effect 2 to hit Sony PS3 as the release is still some way away, what you can do in the mean time is look around for all the gameplay videos and other tantalizing clips that will be strategically leaked out to entice you and ensure that you place a pre-order. Just to further push you towards buying Mass Effect 2, now the news is that it will run perfectly well on Xbox 360 as well. So what next?

Well, the Mass Effect 2 Demo will be up for download in a week’s time and this news should surely get all those who have already pre-ordered the it pretty pumped up. But more importantly it is an another opportunity for those who are still unsure about buying Mass Effect 2 to gauge up what exactly they are paying for.

Since Eurogamer has already released a Gameplay Video, it will not be very long now before you have experts taking a deeper look at the game and once the demo video is up for download you can take a look first hand. So what is our take on Mass Effect 2? Wait and watch for now…

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