Nook Color to get Android 2.2 this January: Better wait for the update than to explode with the hack on offer!

December 14, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Barnes & Noble have just confirmed that there is indeed a Froyo update coming to the Nook Color this January and along with this Android 2.2 update will come an access to the complete Android market and apps that are on offer. This surely begs the question of whether the Nook Color is still just an e-reader or is it now getting into the realms of being an Android tablet. We would say that it surely is not far off from being the latter!

It is not that people have not tried to run hacks on the Nook Color to get Froyo up and running on it and while they have been successful, there is a slim margin apparently that the process could end up blowing your Color! It is a faint possibility, but nonetheless a very real one. (Obviously something we suggest you give a skip)

But with Barnes & Noble themselves giving you the Android 2.2 on the Color, you might as well thin about buying one. Especially with a price tag of $249, this could really be worth the green that you spend. So, with no hacks now required to run Froyo on Nook Color, we are almost certain that there will be many more willing to consider bringing it home.

Maybe you just changed your mind as well… Did you?

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