Nokia plans five updates to Symbian UI & dual-core mobiles in 2011: An attempt to get back in the smartphone market race?

December 14, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Nokia have plenty of stuff lined up for 2011 (and now you can safely add the launch of E7 to that list after further delay) and considering its depleting market share in the smartphone arena, Nokia surely needs to pick itself up and get running. With both Android mobiles and iPhone taking majority of the consumer attention and with it revenue, Nokia are left wondering what they need to do.

The problem seems to be not the fact that they have no idea about what they need to get done to get back in the race, but the pace at which they are moving forward. To put an end to that to get on par with competitors Nokia plans to have a huge 2011; and the Finnish giants know that they need it bad! On the map for 2011 are updates to the Symbian UI and five of those!

Also Nokia is planning to ship dual-core mobiles starting 2011. The new smartphones will come packed with 1GHz on the inside with more graphics memory, dual-core phones and something called a ‘true zoom camera’. All this should come to life by mid or even late 2011.

With the first Symbian UI already promising more than 50 new features and upgrades, things could pick up for Nokia if they can keep up with the calendar they have chalked up for themselves… Hopefully they do!

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