Microsoft to Show Off iPad Killing Tablets at CES 2011

December 14, 2010, By Leo Xavier

Microsoft will be unveiling a number of Windows tablets next month at the 2011 CES in Las Vegas. It appears that the event could be the big launch pad for mainstream Windows tablets which might be coming to become great rivals to the Apple iPad.

Since the day that Bill Gates presented a new class of computing, a tablet PC, Microsoft has struggled to come out with a slate-like device, although it has announced new products, software or OSs that are aimed at promoting a world of Windows-based tablets.

But now, it seems that the company is finally ready to come out with a number of tablets which will be aimed at creating waves in the tablet market which is currently under the rule of the Apple iPad.

According to a New York Times report, Steve Ballmer will take to the stage to demo Windows devices from Dell and Samsung, among a number of other manufacturing partners. The new tablet devices will be aimed at getting the market back from the iPad, although that task won’t be easy especially because of the probable arrival of the next generation iPad.

According to the report, the Samsung tablet will be similar in size and shape to the Apple iPad, but will not be as thin. That device will come equipped with a unique and slick keyboard that slides out from below for easy typing.

The tablet is said to run Windows 7 in landscape mode, but will also have a “layered-interface” when the keyboard is hidden and you swivel the machine into portrait.

So far, the only big player to come to the market with a Windows tablet is HP with the business-aimed Slate 500, although we have also seen tablets from ViewSonic and Tega. But we believe that the tablet market will soon be a great battle ground with all the new and big players.

Meanwhile, the NYT report also suggests that Steve Ballmer might also demonstrate the next operating system, Windows 8, at CES.

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