Google Chrome OS Encourages ‘Careless Computing’ Says GNU Founder Richard Stallman

December 14, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, we heard a whole lot about the benefits of Google Chrome OS and the benefits of cloud computing it brings- in other words- the benefits to have all your precious data on a remote server, so that even if you get your tablet stolen or broken, you get your data safe.

Well, that is only a part of the story, says nobody else than the GNU founder Richard Stallman. Exposing the possible legal implications and privacy threats of this method, Richard Stallman has opined that Chrome OS plan from Google is meant to ‘push people into careless computing’.

Pointing out the possible threats of keeping your data in systems which are not under your direct control, the founder of the Free Software Foundation said that such a practice may help the authorities to get hold over private data without complex legal loops of privacy protection, if the data are with the servers of some company.

However, it was paradoxical to find an exponent of open-source software himself found criticizing the open-source Chrome OS initiative from Google. Well, those in US especially can make a note of Stallman’s point since the law of the land makes ‘you lose legal rights over the data if you store it in a company’s machine instead of your own’. Stallman says that the governments may encourage the Google move just out of this reason.

However, we still feel there will be lot users who consider availability of remote space for storing up data above anything due to high cost of hardware maintenance and other issues. But for others, well, we may say, think twice and stay tuned for more details before a leap.

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