Dell Venue Pro Comes a Bit Late; Wait Until Jan 6th

December 14, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For those eagerly waiting to get their hands on the Dell Venue Pro Smartphone, it will be bit disappointing to hear that the handset will only be available by January 6th of 2011. The phone is coming with the Windows Phone 7 OS and the users’ expectations are high for this forthcoming device.

The Dell Venue Pro portrait slider smartphone has been a fascinating one among the upcoming gadgets with its truly awesome and inspiring specs that perfectly match its excellent exterior look.

The gadget was available for pre-orders from December 1st, but now the delay in the delivery has been confirmed by the reports although several people claimed the handset to have shipped already.

The Dell customer services have come out with certain excuses to justify the delay for shipping the device. They say that they are facing an excessive demand for the device and another excuse explains that there is a missing part for the device.

Many customers who pre-ordered the device were not informed about the delay, but through Twitter, the company’s representatives claim that Dell will be calling the customers with regard of this issue and may provide them with some options.

So Dell’s feedback on the issue is hopefully to be available soon, but it is definitely disappointing for those who expected this device in their hands during this New Year eve.

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