Apple Caught Selling Pirated Japanese Novels in App Store

December 14, 2010, By Leo Xavier

When it comes to making money, not only does the local shopper depend on piracy, but big players like Apple also do the same. At least that is what we can understand from the hue and cry from a consortium of Japanese book publishers about the foul play from Apple by selling pirated copies of Japanese novels online.

Apple allegedly distributes pirated copies of famous Japanese novels to the users of iPhone and iPad mobile devices through the App Store. However the consortium of book publishers in Japan says that many of the Japanese titles in the App Store are nothing but illegal copies.

Pirated copies of major Japanese literary works sold online by Apple include Haruki Murakami’s ‘1Q84’. Keigo Higashino’s works also made it into the App Store in pirated versions.

Embarrassed by the allegation of distributing pirated novels through its online store, Apple admitted the importance of intellectual property rights including copyright in a press statement in response. Apple has deleted some of the copies as per requests from publishers and authors, but there are plenty of tiles still illegally distributed through App Store as per the allegation.

Though they have promised action against such pirated content being distributed through their stores, everybody has to wait and see the sudden impacts. The consortium of Japanese book publishers hopes that Apple will set a section to handle such requests regarding the pirated content in App Stores.

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