WoW Login Server Busy: Millions kept waiting as World of Warcraft servers go down!

December 13, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Having trouble logging into your World of Warcraft accounts? Are you facing WoW Login problems with the server showing you a message like the one here? Then there is absolutely no need to go crazy (in case you are still sane after trying to log in for the 127th time), as there are millions across the globe who are complaining of the exact same issue.

Apparently people are just unable to log in and with the official WoW forums stating that they are trying to resolve the issue and fix the server problem as quickly as possible, many are just anxiously waiting and queuing up to log in. This obviously means that it will be a lot more time before you can actually log in to the servers.

Calling the technical support for help will serve you no better either as you will get the busy message there as well. The best thing at this point of time is to wait and hope the problem gets solved as early as possible. Any of you out there who are getting through now? Let us know…

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