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December 13, 2010, By Christian Cawley

Portable Document Format (PDF for short) is a popular way of producing locked documents that cannot be edited. This is a particularly common format for instruction manuals and corporate policy documents and is almost as popular a format as Microsoft Word.

The latest release of Adobe Acrobat Reader is Acrobat X, a new way of viewing PDF files thanks to the new reader’s improved user interface.

With a new user interface comes a new way of using the popular reader, but let’s start by getting hold of the new software by visiting

Adobe Acobat X in ActionInstalling Acrobat X

In order to download Acrobat X you will need to download the Adobe Download Manager. This option is available from the above link, but make sure you clear the check box for the McAfee freeware which you won’t need.

Follow any on-screen instructions that are displayed depending on your browser, and run the Adobe DLM application. Adobe X will proceed to download and install and while it does you can carry on with any other work you might have pending.

Once you see Installation complete listed under Status, use the Close Download Manager button; a new web page or tab will open prompting you to try other Adobe free software such as Flash Player, Adobe Air and Shockwave Player.

Using Adobe Reader X

You will be able to launch Adobe Reader X by double clicking any PDF document on your PC or laptop – following installation it is set as the default reader for such file types. Alternatively you might opt to run the software on its own, via Start > All Programs > Adobe Reader X in Windows 7.

On first use, Adobe Reader X will ask you to Accept or Decline the licence agreement – declining will prevent access to the application.

The first difference you will notice in Adobe Reader X is the new console which will enable you to quickly Open… a PDF or access online services such as Adobe’s CreatePDF Online or Share Files Using ShareNow Online.

Use Open… to find a document to view. You will then have access to a range of new features.

New View Options in Adobe Reader X

Most notable in Adobe Reader X are the new reading option and the addition of comments and highlighting.

Of most use will be Read Mode, which you might have seen already in screenshots of Adobe Reader X. This is available via the main toolbar, via View > Read Mode or by hitting CTRL+H. Activation of Read Mode will display a small control console at the bottom of the PDF page, with tools to Save, Print, view Next and Previous pages, Go to a specific page, Zoom out, Zoom in and finally close Read Mode.

A new feature that will come in useful to many who have bemoaned the low level of functions previously available in Adobe Reader is the Comment tool, which brings Adobe Acrobat functions to the masses for free. Comments can take the form of a Sticky Note applied to a specific area of the PDF, and when saved the reader need only hover their mouse over the note icon on the document text to see what observation was included in the note. Similarly text can be highlighted via the Comment menu.

Finally you can use the Share option to send your PDF file(s) by Adobe SendNow Online or via your own email client.

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