Toshiba Hands on 3D Display System Showcased; Enables Many-angle View

December 13, 2010, By Leo Xavier

Toshiba has always stunned us with its cutting edge technology. Well, it seems it has more plans to stun us again.Though you have seen many glasses free 3D displays making their ways to the market, Toshiba has a different one to display here.

At the 3D Expo 2010, Toshiba Mobile Display showcased a new type of glasses free 3D display which allows the users to see the object on display at different angles by just tilting the device. Toshiba has used the visual field tracking technology, which enables the viewer to see the sides and back of the objects on the display.

The present day glasses free 3D displays give a narrow viewing range as far the visual experience with this new display from Toshiba is compared. Fitted with a six-axis acceleration censor, the display can detect the angle of tilt and turn the viewing range towards the head of the users, thus extending the viewing range.

This technology is expected to find more applications in educational and other fields. Since it can create better three-dimensional effect than simulations, it is expected to find more application in e-shopping also.

Well, Toshiba knows it. Besides developing this Hands on 3D Display System, Toshiba is in research for varied possibilities of its application in other fields.

You can get a glimpse of this Hands on 3D Display System in action in the video after the break.

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