Sony PS3 all set to stream ITV Player and 4oD as ITV and Channel 4 join the existing BBC iPlayer on the Playstation bandwagon!

December 13, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Good news for those with Playstation 3 in their living rooms across the UK. Now you can catch both ITV Player and 4oD on your PS3 as Sony have just announced a deal with ITV and Channel 4 to bring the stations’ video on demand services to the platform. This puts PS3 in a very unique position of strength in the UK with its being the only gaming console that can actually offer such an array of entertainment.

In its constant effort to make the PS3 the ultimate entertainment hub, Sony has signed up mutually beneficial deals with both ITV and Channel 4 allowing PS3 owners now to catch up with their streaming content along with the existing BBC iPlayer which got on board long ago.

With Nintendo’s Wii only offering the BBC iPlayer and the Xbox 360 only giving access to some of Sky’s content, this move puts Sony in a better position to market the PS3 across UK as a lot more than an entertainment unit aimed just at the gamers. So, if you crave for a lot more than just the Call of Duty: Black Ops action on your PS3, folk in UK now have options to turn to.

Think Wii or Xbox 360 will follow the lead?

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