Playstation Move Machine Gun launch confirmed by Sony: Enhanced shooting experience to arrive in time for Killzone 3!

December 13, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Sony has made it now official that it will be indeed launching a Move machine gun that should give you a more realistic shooting experience with its intuitive and balanced control. The Machine Gun will be a part of the move bundle and while we would have loved to play around with it by Christmas, it seems that the wait will have to continue for a bit longer. While Sony has made the official announcement, you can get your hands on the gun by February next year.

Of course, that is just a couple of months away and this should really excite everyone who is hooked on to the shooter games. (That means everybody who has a PS3). The Sharp Shooter is designed to give you a more real feel of the game and this is probably as close you can get to blazing fire and destruction without actually having to fear for your life.

The Move machine gun will arrive in time for Killzone 3 and that should make both the game and the gun a combo that would be worth the price tag. Of course, you will have to part with an extra $40 for the gun, but it is one PS3 Move accessory that will be worth the green!

What do you think?

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