Mass Effect 3 to be Launched on Xbox 360, PCs & PS3s by Next Year End

December 13, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The rumors about the Mass Effect 3 hitting the shelves by the end of the next year in multiformat, have got more confirmation now. Giving sweet news to gamers around, Electronics Arts Executive Patrick Buechner, in his tweet, confirmed the availability of the game in different consoles by the end of next year.

Through his recent tweet, he has announced that ‘Mass Effect 3’ when completely developed, will be available on ‘Xbox 360, Pc and PS3’. Though the game was unveiled at the Spike Video Game Awards 2010 recently, there were no specific details about the platforms.

Developed by Electronics Arts and published by BioWare, Mass Effect 3 is reportedly being developed on a new game engine.  Being the latest and final one in the Trilogy of Mass Effect game series, ME 3 is expected to attract a lot of attention from the gaming community. The Play Station 3 version of the second game in the series- Mass Effect 2- will be finding its way to gamers by next month.

Mass Effect 3 is heard to be loaded with a lot more RPG features than its predecessors in the series. There are strong rumors about the multi-player features of this game too.  In the third edition of the game, BioWare presents the London City under attack from Reapers.

Taking due consideration to the response to the first two games in the series, Mass Effect 3 is expected to feature more combat options and complex enemies and altogether an exciting gaming experience. These were all just words, what you can check below is the real trailer.

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