iPhone 4 Case with Built-in Battery to double your iPhone life: Aigo and InCase iPhone Battery cases offer variety to chose from!

December 13, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Still looking around for that perfect iPhone 4 case? Well, we cannot say that we have something that is perfect both in terms of offering you extra juice and is light enough to feel like a feather, but we have one of each kind to help you take a decision on what you would prefer. No doubt you want the very best case for your brand new iPhone 4 and considering its well-publicized fragility, it is indeed best to get one just to be sure.

Aigo and InCase both offer you with iPhone 4 battery cases that are unique and are different from one another. Each has its own advantage and you can chose whether you like added features and better safety or lighter weight in your pocket.

The Aigo battery case comes with a promise that it will double you battery life with its in-case battery and along with this also on offer is a hidden USB ribbon cable for both charging and data built right into the case and also a second microUSB port built into the left side. All this for just $80, along with an ability to check the charge available on external battery as well.

The InCase battery case comes for $60, has no fancy USB slots, but is light as a feather and while that means it offers flimsy protection, that maybe all some of you really need. So, in case you are out to buy an iPhone battery case, make sure you check out these two along with scores of others on offer in the market today!

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