Angry Birds to be hurled across PCs all over the globe: Rovio makes the PC version official along with the talk of multi-player game mode

December 13, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Love flinging those feisty little angry birds on your fancy mobile? Or have you been left in the shadows because you do not own a fancy smartphone and there is no version of the game available for your PC? Then Rovio has been listening to your demand for an Angry Birds PC version and they are all set to launch one very soon. In an announcement that made it official, Rovio said that they were indeed bringing out a PC version of Angry Birds along with the Xbox, Wii and PS3 version that were talked about earlier!

While the exact date of the release is still not known, expect the feather flying mayhem to hot your PC screens not too far away in the future. According to Rovio, 42 million users have already downloaded the game to various mobile platforms. So how can you get your PC version when it does come out?

Well, Rovio has not made that very clear but maybe you can download it from their site as releasing CDs for the game seems a bit far-fetched. Now, how successful will the game be when it comes out for PCs? Expect plenty of downloads and buys as it will not be very heavy on your pocket, but in the long run it might just fizzle out.

With more elaborate PC games out there keeping us busy, Angry Birds might be destined to just rule the smartphone gaming platform… Disagree? Maybe that is exactly why Rovio is talking about a possible multiplayer game mode!

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