Creating Christmas Fun with Microsoft Office 2010

December 10, 2010, By Christian Cawley

There are various ways in which you might make the most out of Microsoft Office 2010 this Christmas. You might download templates for making t-shirts or invitations or you might simply write a Christmas list to Santa Claus.

With Microsoft Office 2010 you have a selection of top applications in your hands, each the most extensive application of its kind currently available. So there must be more you can do with Microsoft Office at Christmas than downloading templates?

Well guess what – of course there is! You might type out a Christmas list for your kids (or yourself!) or create a Christmas quiz or even create a seasonal slideshow in PowerPoint!

Microsoft Office Christmas goodies

Christmas List

The easiest thing to do with Microsoft Word at Christmas is to create a Christmas list of gifts you or your kids might like to receive.

This is easily done – all you need to do is start a New Word document and start a letter, with the date in the top right corner (just in case!) and beginning “Dear Santa Claus,”. Don’t forget to add greetings for Santa before proceeding to type out a wished-for gift on each line. When you’re done with the gifts, left-click and drag your mouse over the list and in Home > Paragraph select the Numbering button to create a numbered list.

When you’re done, sign off, print out and you have one letter for Santa to pin on the fireplace!

Christmas Quiz

For those of you stuck in an office, you can create a Christmas quiz with Microsoft Excel. This is done by creating a list of questions on a spreadsheet and requesting the contestant types in the correct answers next to the questions – the answers must match those which you have hidden elsewhere on the spreadsheet.

For instance in column C you might create a list of questions, one per row. In column E you provide a space for the answers to be entered, and in column F a point will be assigned.

Out of sight in column R you have the answers and in column F you will use this short formula:


This tells the spreadsheet to display a “1” if the answer is correct and a “0” if the answer is incorrect. At the bottom of the column you can total the correct answers to get the score!

Christmas Slideshow

If you have access to a slide protector or you hook your laptop up to a flat screen TV you can enjoy some Christmas holiday images accompanied with some great Christmas music. All you need is a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint and some suitable images – these might be photographs from a previous Christmas or traditional images that you can download from Office Online. Use the Insert > Images > Picture and Insert > Images > Clip Art to add your photos or Christmas images and Insert > Media > Audio > Audio from file… to insert a Christmas tune from a variety of audio formats including MP3, WMA and WAV.

Three great ways to use Microsoft Office to enhance your enjoyment of Christmas!

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