Six Best Soccer Gifts for Soccer Fans

December 9, 2010, By Alex Ion

With the holiday season upon us and shoppers clamoring for the nearest mall and the next great gift, we felt it only necessary to help out those friends, family and co-workers in their quest for the perfect gift. In this case, the perfect soccer gift for the football fanatic in your life. So the Internet was scoured, soccer lovers were surveyed and the following six items were found, listed and described for your perusal.

Foosball Table

The pool player has a billiard table, the tennis fan plays ping pong and ice lovers set the table for air hockey. But if you are looking for the essential piece of the soccer fan’s living room then you’ll need a sturdy foosball table. There are several on the market but the one we are recommending today is not just a pool table, it’s a luxury furniture piece:

Eleven | The Luxury Foosball Table

This foosball table is designed for discerning lovers of the world’s favorite game. Its sweeping curves reflect the beauty and grandeur of today’s modern stadiums, while its atmospheric lighting and chromed metal players capture the excitement and drama of a classic sporting encounter. Each individually numbered table is meticulously hand-finished to the very highest standards by skilled European craftsmen.

This can be found at

Soccer Shoes (Cleats)

It is probably a safe assumption that if you know a soccer fan, that fan is likely to be a soccer player. For the best grip on the field and the ideal touch on the ball, the true soccer fanatic needs a really great pair of kicks. Of course, the ones we are recommending today will not fail to deliver on any count.

Adidas Predator X

With their latest version of the popular Predator series, Adidas has outdone themselves with the Predator X. This shoe beats its predecessors thanks to side lacing which creates a larger striking surface. It also enhances its popular Powerswerve element by covering the entire striking area of the Predator X with a rubber silicon compound providing new levels of grip and swerve. A host of other features combined with the comfort and quality on which Adidas has been built, make this an ideal gift for the soccer fan who plays the game.

This can be found at The Adidas Soccer Store.

Soccer Goal

What fun is a game of soccer without something to shoot the ball at and defend? For the fan who plays the game, a soccer goal, can make for a great day of activity, competition and fun outdoors. There are a ton of soccer goals out there, but the one we recommend is full sized, portable and built out of good old fashioned solid metal, for a real game feel and bounce:

Duralite Full Size Portable Soccer Goal

This soccer goal is the rare mix of a full size (8′ x 24′) target, heavy duty aluminum framework and complete portability. Normally bought and used by youth, high school, and club level soccer leagues, each goal is hand crafted in the United States. They can only be bought direct from the manufacturer, but the bright side of that point is that the goals are sold at wholesale. To top it all off, the soccer goal can also be converted into three different sizes.

This can be found at The Duralite Soccer Goal Store.

Soccer Ball

While it is nice to have shoes and a goal at which to kick, there is no game without a ball. There are a ton of great soccer balls and even more really cheap ones that will do the trick, but this article isn’t about acceptable soccer gifts for the modern fan, it is about the perfect gifts. So with that in mind we will preview a ball that is not only great for the game, it is a fun and useful gadget.


Invented with the intention of helping out kids in third world nations, the sOccket is a soccer ball that captures the energy of soccer game play to charge LEDs and batteries. After playing with the ball, the child can return home and use the ball to connect a LED lamp to read, study, or illuminate the home. The ball uses an inductive coil mechanism to generate energy where 15 minutes of play can provide 3 hours of LED light. It may not bend, bounce or knuckle like the Jabulani, but as a concept it is a heck of a lot cooler.

Team Jersey

With the World Cup wrapping up just this past summer, it may feel like you have missed the boat for a perfect gift since soccer fans were proudly showing their patriotism and love for their home by donning National World Cup team jerseys. But fear not, the true fan is always happy to show his national pride with a new Jersey, even on non-World Cup years. If you don’t buy that argument, another option is to pick the club team jersey of your soccer fan’s favorite team or player. There are several online stores that are dying for your business, so take advantage and shop around as different stores have deals at different times.

Video Game

For those soccer fans who love the game but no longer have the interest or talent to get out on the field and play it in person, we have the next best thing, a video game. The game that we will preview here is a one that will certainly increase couch time and could cause posterior muscle cramps due to its addictive qualities and the game player’s requisite lack of motion. But as far as gifts go, it truly is a winner:

EA Sports FIFA 2011

The first follow up to what was a groundbreaking rendition of the soccer video game series. Its predecessor, FIFA 2010 introduced two key ingredients that this newer version builds on. The First, was Virtual Pro, a feature that allowed you to create a player, put him on a team, and then watch him progress as you used him in any of the game’s modes. The second was 360-degree dribbling, which was a huge upgrade from the eight direction option that earlier versions had. FIFA 2011 has all of that and adds Personality Plus a feature that makes the players in the game even more realistic as well as increased physical play and slide tackle variations. For the soccer fan who wants to live the virtual life of a pro, there is no better option.

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