Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Uncertain

December 9, 2010, By Leo Xavier

If it was LG who took flak for denying Gingerbread update to its existing devices by falsely citing hardware issues, now Samsung seems to be making a similar move. Reports are emerging about Samsung’s statements about the Gingerbread upgrade policies for existing devices. So it seems that you will have to wait more to know if your Galaxy S will get a Gingerbread face anytime soon.

As per the statement, Samsung will be reviewing the possibility of implementation of the new Gingerbread updates for the existing Samsung products running on Android OS. If LG simply put forward some lame hardware excuses to deny the Gingerbread update, which it clarified to a safer stand later, Samsung is very careful from the beginning.

Samsung has made it clear that the review of the possibility of the Gingerbread upgrade to existing devices will depend on many factors, not just technical. The ‘system requirements, structural limitations’ indeed make it to the list here too.

Samsung officials add the ‘level of cooperation from the component suppliers and the software licensors’ to the factors, but above all, the company is concerned with the ‘overall effect of such Update to Samsung products’.

Well, with Android lead developer tweeting that Gingerbread will not raise any compatibility issues with Froyo devices, the system requirements and structural limitations factor melt away very much. Then, it will be the ‘overall effect of Samsung products’ remaining– well, does the company think if it rolls out a Gingerbread upgrade, nobody will go for its Nexus S?

However, an OS update for a device is very much dependent on OEM efforts. If they think they can shoot up the new gadget sales by denying updates to existing devices, we would rather call it a bad idea. It won’t help Samsung for long term, won’t help the users either.

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