Samsung flagship mobile available in February; It’s not the Verizon Nexus S

December 8, 2010, By Alex Ion

Now that the Nexus S has been officially released and people are so excited just how great of a phone it is, it’s hard not to hear rumors regarding carrier availability. So here we are, days after the announcement, hearing that a CDMA Nexus S may be in the works — leading us thinking that Verizon and Sprint may get the to market the powerful smartphone to their users. But that’s not entirely true!

According to Google, the Nexus S is actually a GSM device, which means that it’s not compatible with CDMA networks, right now.

That doesn’t mean, however, that a CDMA model couldn’t be in the works.

But there’s more to the game. Some people from SamFirmware who are citing Samsung insiders, have mentioned that “it’s better better to wait to buy this Nexus S in February”.

And they’ve also added in another Tweet that it will not be a Verizon Nexus S come February but something even better from the company.

Whatever these things mean, we’re excited. Samsung seems to be doing something right this days. The Galaxy S has manged to get a lot of sale and the Nexus S has been named the best smartphone on the market right now, by the folks from TechCrunch who said “it’s better than the iPhone in most ways”.

It’s a certain thing, Samsung doesn’t like being #2.

Don’t you think?

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