Rumor: iOS 4.3 Release Date Could Be December 9

December 8, 2010, By Alex Ion

Word on the street is that Apple are about to debut the iOS 4.3 update as early as December 9, which if you don’t know, is tomorrow. While this should be taken with more than just a pinch of salt as it wasn’t that long ago when iOS 4.2 was officially released, rumors have it that iOS 4.3 is not actually anything massive — just a minor update that brings in-app based iPad subscriptions.

If what we’re hearing is true, then iOS 4.3 has only one interesting new feature: subscription billing, that allows content providers to charge their users subscriptions on a weekly, monthly, or annually basis. That’s opposite to the current iOS which only supports single app payments. That means, from now on you won’t have to buy each issue of an online magazine, you can just set up a subscription payment and voila.

We’re not really sure if Apple will only make an official announcement on Thursday or if they’ll actually launch iOS 4.3 — given the fact that we haven’t seen any beta versions so far. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have more.

What are your thoughts on iOS 4.3?

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