Google Chrome Web Store Opens; Sports Illustrated App Demonstrated

December 8, 2010, By Leo Xavier

We have the latest info for all the Chrome lovers out there. The Google Chrome Web Store is now live and you can download and install apps, themes and extensions for your Google Chrome from this online marketplace. Right now, it is available only in the US, but Google intends to expand it to many countries by early next year.

The user interface of the store seems very much refined from what Google showed in the launching ceremony months back. It has a bag full of things like News apps, Games and other entertainment apps and utilities for the Chrome browser.

Moreover, it has in store, an array of browser extensions which can help ease blogging, shopping and many web activities. Though it is now meant for your Chrome browser it will be more than that once Google launches the Chrome notebook in 2011.

There was a demo of Sports Illustrated’s interactive magazine and it’s pretty impressive – embedded video, fully searchable, and some pretty interesting tricks with geolocation.

Well, developers are still adding apps and extensions to this web store which is very much different from similar places run by Apple and other competitors. But many of the apps here are nothing but just web links now since they are meant to work with the browser.

Many of them work well with other browsers too.  But some are really Chrome specific. Moreover, Chrome enables some additional features on these apps and extensions which will not be active in other web browsers.

Google indeed takes a fee from developers to sell their apps through the Chrome Web Store, but if its official stand is anything to count on, the Chrome Web Store is not meant to be a profit generating source for Google.

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