Firefox Mobile Beta Available in the Android Market Sometime This Month

December 8, 2010, By Alex Ion

Firefox Mobile for Android is getting closer and closer to an official release, but if you were expecting it to hit in December you should know that only the Firefox Mobile Beta will be available in the Android Market this month.

Confirmation comes from Firefox engineer Matt Brubeck, who mentioned that the beta release “should be available through the Market later this month”.

He also addressed the problems some of you on AT&T may have encountered when trying to install 3rd party apps. If you can’t wait for the Firefox Mobile Beta to hit the market, you should be “able to use the Android developer tool “adb” to install Firefox on your phone”. But you’ll have to search the web for instructions on how to get it done …

Firefox for Android has been so far in many stages, from alphas and betas to test builds. It seems like we’re inches close from actually seeing an official build running on an Android smartphone.

But the question remains. Will it be good enough to take on Xscope, Dolphin, Opera or the Skyfire browsers? How well will it handle video?

Guess we’ll have our answers soon when everything becomes official

What do you guys think?

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