LG Says Android Gingerbread Requires 1GHz Processors, Android Tech Guy Disagrees

December 8, 2010, By Alex Ion

LG USA Mobile have made a statement on their Facebook page, saying that the minimum requirements for Andriod Gingerbread include having a 1GHz processor on board.

If what they say is true, it means that those of you owning a Motorola Droid (1st gen) or maybe an LG Optimus S, just to name a few of the smartphones with sloppier CPUs, won’t be able to run Gingerbread. And that sucks.

But wait. According to Android tech lead, Dan Morrill, actually, “there’s no minimum processor requirement for Gingerbread”.

So who do we trust right now? Personally, I’d go with Dan, not only because he brings us the good news, but because he actually knows what they’re talking about being directly involved in development of the OS.

He doesn’t rule out the fact that older devices can still be phased out, but he added that technically, “there’s no *hard* limit”.

Would Google do anything like this to us? Would they force us buying a new mobile phone (which by the way would probably cost more than $200) and a data plan for the next two years, just so we can get a piece of Gingerbread? What do you folks think?

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