Windows Phone 7 Zune Desktop Sync

December 7, 2010, By Christian Cawley

Users of Windows Phone 7 have an excellent interface with which to synchronise music, video and images with their PC. The Zune desktop client makes this possible as well as providing a gateway into the marketplace, and makes it possible to purchase and download music, video and apps – particularly useful if you don’t have wireless internet and your network provider doesn’t offer affordable mobile internet.

The Zune desktop client offers several additional configuration tools for your phone, making it an absolutely vital addition for any Windows Phone 7 owner.

Windows Phone 7 Zune sync

Download and Install Zune Desktop Sync

To get started syncing media between your phone and PC, visit to download the Zune software. This will require you to sign in with a free Hotmail/Windows Live account, while your PC or laptop must have a 1GHz or faster CPU (32-bit or 64-bit), 1GB of RAM for 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bit systems and a broadband internet connection – the installer package is 105MB.

Once download is complete, installation is simple and straightforward and with the Zune software running on your Windows 7 PC you will be ready to sync your phone!

Connecting and Syncing Windows Phone 7 with Zune Desktop

There are two ways to sync content between your Windows Phone and your PC – via USB cable or if you have a Wi-Fi router you can sync wirelessly.

However the initial sync must be by USB so with the Zune software running connect your phone to your PC or laptop via the USB cable. The Zune software – a music player, shop and sync manager all in one – will launch, and display the Summary screen for your phone. To setup a wireless sync, go to Settings > Wireless Sync and click Enable Wireless Sync, following the subsequent on-screen instructions until the sync is established. This will save you from having to connect your phone via USB whenever you want to sync data with your PC.

One thing you might notice about Zune is that there is no facility to synchronize a calendar as there is with Windows Mobile and ActiveSync. This is because calendars can now be easily synced wirelessly or via the web, and therefore no longer require additional software to manage these relationships.

A Windows Phone 7 device that has been used to take photos and record video clips will send the clips to your PC or laptop when connected to the Zune desktop client, and these options can be managed in the Settings > Phone > Pictures & Video screen.

Installing Apps via Zune Desktop Sync

Windows Phone 7 apps can be installed via the Zune desktop using its access to the Marketplace, a vast repository of all music, video and software for Windows Phone 7; a bit like iTunes.

To access downloadable apps on your computer, go to Marketplace > Apps, where you will find some recommended options and a list of app types on the left hand menu. Here you will also be able to purchase games for your Windows Phone 7. To download or purchase an app, select the app that you want, check the reviews and click on the Purchase or Trial button (or Free for free apps). Zune will then ask you to confirm your purchase.

If you don’t have a payment option setup, you will need to arrange this via Settings > Account in Zune, where you can add a VISA, AmEx, Mastercard or Discovery credit card to fund your purchases.

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