Google Android Honeycomb Arriving Next Year with Support for Tablets

December 7, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It was all Gingerbread till this time. Gingerbread devices, Gingerbread leaks and Gingerbread blur shots. Now let us provide you with some hot Honeycomb news. Seems Honeycomb just entered into the gadget news world with more official smelling stuff than Gingerbread.

With Gingerbread about to be released (maybe today itself), the new Android version post-Gingerbread gave a peek on stage at D: Dive Into Mobile show, to shift the whole focus of those who love to wait for something new from Google every day.

Google’s Andy Rubin gave a real show on the stage by running a demo of the Honeycomb OS on a Motorola Tablet prototype. Yup, it comes with a lot of changes, even in the demo version.

Apps had a little more desktop look, but the usual Android stuff in form of buttons on  the UI were absent. No home. No back, nothing that sort. Andy said that Honeycomb will come highly customized and will be out sometime next year. Well, it is a mix-up that it can run well on a smartphone or on a tablet.

Now on the Honeycomb tablet, it comes either 7 inch or 10 inch, we didn’t get the exact specs. Then by the time it gave the show, we got only this much, that the device comes with a dual core 3D NVIDIA processor, is equipped with video chat and runs a Google Map new vector version just like that. We are trying to get the remaining pieces of this jigsaw, will tell you soon.

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