5 Useful Microsoft Word Christmas Templates

December 7, 2010, By Christian Cawley

With Christmas approaching you might be thinking about organising Christmas parties, wrapping and labelling gifts, finding unique presents and sending a newsletter out to friends and family who you won’t get to see during at this seasonal time of year. You might even need something to keep the kids quiet while you’re organising all of this.

Remarkably, you can do all of this from the comfort of your PC or laptop and a copy of Microsoft Word 2010. Thanks to the various templates provided in the software and at office.microsoft.com you can use the popular word processing application to make life so much easier over the Christmas period and at the very least save yourself a trip to the store.

Check out some of these ideas – if you need assistance installing a downloaded template, see the last section where this process is explained.

Microsoft Word Christmas t-shirt templateSeasonal Newsletter

One popular means of communicating with people you don’t see often is via the medium of the newsletter, and while a Christmas email or Facebook page might be preferable there are still many people without a computer so printing out a newsletter and posting it is a sensible option in these cases.

Using one of these Christmas newsletter templates you can easily update your friends and family as to your activity over the past year and then print out for offline friends or send as an email (File > Save & Send).

Christmas Party Invitation Templates

If you’re planning a Christmas party there are many ways you can invite people – you might call them up or email them, but if you want to add a really personal touch you could use a Christmas party invitation template downloaded from Office Online.

All you need to do with these types of template is download, install, and then add the names of each of your recipients before printing.  Receiving an invite by post is always more interesting and personal than receiving one by email or SMS and with the right choice of template you can even create a thematic link with your party.

Microsoft Word Christmas Label Templates

When wrapping gifts at this season time of year, using labels is important for two reasons:

1.       To address the gift to the right person

2.       To identify whose gifts you have wrapped already

The Microsoft Word Christmas label templates available from Office Online have a tabular format, which basically means they appear several times on a single sheet. You can print out as many or as few sheets as you like and you might even opt to type names onto the labels rather than write by hand.

If none of the labels you find on Office Online suit, you might opt to design your own.

Microsoft Word Christmas Worksheet

With all of the above taking up your time you might be looking for an option to keep your kids busy while you’re managing labels and invites and distributing newsletters to the four corners of the globe.

Using a Microsoft Word Christmas worksheet might be the answer. Simply download and print out one of these seasonal worksheets and hand it to your children for something to colour in. You might even suggest that if they make a really good fist of it the best worksheets will be transformed into simple Christmas decorations for your tree!


Anyone short of gift ideas might try personalization – gifts customised as a dedication to the recipient. Any number of gifts can be personalised via online stores such as Lulu or Zazzle or you might take advantage of Microsoft Word 2010 and opt for the T-shirt template.

This template gives you the opportunity to add a photo and name of a special Christmas “someone” in order to print out a transfer that can be ironed on to a t-shirt.

If you do try this option, note that you will require special Avery paper that you will need to purchase.

Downloading and Installing Templates

To download these templates and add them to Word 2010, you must first visit the appropriate link. The template page will have a Download link on it – click this to prompt the browser to download the file. This should happen automatically in Internet Explorer, but in Mozilla Firefox you will need to click an additional Download button in order to manually download the template.

You can choose to save a template file (these are in .DOT or .DOTX format as opposed to the standard Word .DOC or .DOCX) or open it straightaway. Once open you can begin to make the required changes or just print out the template. If you are making changes don’t forget to save the file in the correct format.

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