Possibility of New Xbox Live Subscription?

December 6, 2010, By Christian Davis

With the recent rumor of the Xbox 360 expanding into a television service, it’s quite possible that a new Xbox Live subscription could be available in the near future.

The Xbox 360’s LIVE service currently has two type of subscriptions: Xbox Live Free and Xbox Live Gold. Gold is the premium package and allows all gamers to play online with friends, download demos, engage in party chats, and many other features. With the addition of ESPN, Twitter, Facebook, Zune, and Netflix, the Xbox 360 is now much more than a gaming system.

Xbox LIVE is already receiving an increase in price(from $50 to $60 annually) due to these new applications added and television will only raise that higher. But why raise it for everyone? Why not just add a new subscription all together?

The price of this could get up to $100  a year, but that really isn’t that expensive considering that’s paid annually instead of monthly for television services such as DirecTV or Time Warner. This is all based off speculation, but the chances of an “Xbox LIVE Ultimate” is definitely a possibility.

Talk of channel bundles as well as the discussion of DVR is something to be very excited about. The idea of a new subscription package is just speculation however, and Microsoft hasn’t said anything regarding this. Still something cool to think about though.

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