Google eBookstore Launches With 3M+ eBooks

December 6, 2010, By Alex Ion

The fact that Google wanted a piece of the ebook market wasn’t coming in as a surprise, but having it up and running before the year’s end seemed like a difficult task. Well, not really, when you’re based in Mountain View as the company has officially rolled out the Google eBookstore today. And not only that, but it’s packed with more than 3 million eBooks for you to choose from.

For those of you wondering, the Google eBooks Web Reader is compatible with any device that runs a modern browser. Other than accessing it via the web, Google have also announced an iOS app and an Android app to make buying easy. Just sign in with your Google account and you’re ready to get all the ebooks you could ever dream of.

The Google eBookstore features include selection for font and size, line spacing and day/night reading mode.

What we know so far is that Google allows you to buy from various booksellers that are partners in their program: that includes Powell’s, Alibris and participating members of the American Booksellers Association.

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