Asus 9-inch Eee Touchscreen eReader DR900 Launched

December 6, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Asus has officially announced the launch of its new eReader, the Asus Eee Reader DR900. The 9-inch device, which was first unveiled back in March this year at CeBIT, is expected to be available soon although US launch details and pricing is not available at the moment.

The device offers 2.25 times the reading area when compared to the popular 6-inch eReaders available in the markets these days. The device comes equipped with a SiPix electrophotoretic display which offers near instant page turns. Another advantage is that the display draws power only when changing its image.

The display incorporates a capacitive touch layer. Therefore it is also able to dispense with the physical keyboard normally seen on eReaders. The display is also able to remain highly readable in bright outdoor conditions or under a bed light.

The device measures in at less than 10mm thick and weighs about 440 grams, and is designed for use with novels and even comic books. The eReader has 2GB of internal storage. With that much of memory you will be able to store up to 5000 ebooks. If you need to store more, you can use an SD card to expand the memory.

The battery which comes in the package will provide up to two weeks of continuous reading, or the equivalent of reading 20 novels consecutively, provided you are interested in reading novels. The device will ship with WiFi, and optional 3G.

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