Gingerbread Leaks via Voice Search Tutorial Video from Google

December 3, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Before reaching up to its expected imminent launch date, Gingerbread – the latest Android OS version from Google- has paid one more surprise visit to the web world. This time the leak was from a tutorial video from Google itself.

A device which looks like a Nexus One has seen demonstrating the voice search function from Google in a short clip found in YouTube Hong Kong. Well, it was an official tutorial from Google. Interestingly, observers found there are certain tweaks on the interface of the device which makes it different from the existing Froyo interface.

On digging more on it, we have seen the black status tray on the top which makes it different from a Froyo interface and moreover it sported new icons also. The launcher bar also had extra-Froyo elements at the bottom of the home screen.

Passing through the inside corridors, we have seen restyled buttons and subtly different UI elements. For example, the Market’s app description page in the new OS has three tabs instead of two. The additional one is named ‘Related’ or ‘Similar’ on it in the app description page.

We have got no official confirmation from Google about the authenticity of these assumptions, but by withdrawing the video as soon as the news started spreading, Google indirectly points to the foul play. Well, that’s a sort of confirmation, right?

Here’s the video (in Cantonese):

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