Top Online Backup Solutions for Windows 7

December 2, 2010, By Christian Cawley

Having all of your data in one location isn’t always the best solution. While you might need immediate access to contacts lists, vital documents and even music tracks, the storage of such data in one location can lead to problems if that single location fails.

If your hard disk drive goes down you can’t access your data – so what then? Well one good solution is to employ the services of an online storage system, and there are several different services available for free which you can sign up to and start using straightaway.

No Windows 7 user should find themselves unable to work simply because their data has been lost from a single computer – this is the 21st century, and a 21st century solution is available!

Use Windows Live Mesh to sync files with the cloud in Windows 7Which Online Backup Service Should I Use?

There are several good quality, free online backup services that you can use to store vital data such as documents, contacts and in some cases multimedia. All require an account to sign up and you might even find that you already have access to some of these services…

Online Email Account Storage/Gmail Drive

If you have a web-based email account then attaching vital files to an email and addressing them to your web-based account is a safe and reasonably secure way of taking advantage of the acres of online storage space that is made available by these services.

Meanwhile if you have a Google Mail/Gmail account, the free to use Gmail Drive will allow you to setup a network drive on your PC that uses your Gmail account as storage. This is a particularly useful way to access the vast amounts of storage space the service provides.


A massive 5 GB of storage is available for free via and data can be shared between mobile devices (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry), Windows and Macs, and this service also provides a sync tool to allow you to keep your remotely stored files up to date. Public sharing of your documents is also available, particularly useful if you have a collaborative project in progress!

Windows Live Mesh and SkyDrive

Anyone with a Windows Live/Hotmail account has access to a SkyDrive account where you will find a vast 25 GB of storage waiting to be used. Mainly this is for Microsoft Web Apps and other documents you might upload via your browser, although the storage is also available more directly via Windows Live Mesh, part of the Windows Live suite.

Paid Solutions

While the solutions listed here are all free you should avoid paying for any online backup service that doesn’t include a usable automation tool to allow you to select the files you wish to be backed up.

No self-respecting premium rate online backup service should be offering space without such a tool, especially when SugarSync can do it for free. One that does is McAfee’s Online Backup which works quietly in the background without hogging your PC’s resources.

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