Apple TV Battles HDMI Issues; Are You Getting Inverted Colors on Your Screen?

December 2, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

An issue related to the HDMI connectivity of the latest Apple TV has surfaced and it seems like taking a long waiting time for HD rentals from Apple Store. Complaints are heaping up with Apple regarding new Apple TV failing to make successful connections with some HD TV devices.

Many users have reported HDMI handshaking taking place frequently in every 20-30 minutes interval when Apple TV is connected with HD TVs.  This returns the screen with green or inverted colors. The issue is now getting reported with several HD TV models from different manufacturers.

Similarly there are a lot of complaints about the long wait needed to get an HD rental played in the latest Apple TV. While clips and videos from other services like Netflix, YouTube took very few minutes to load and play, HD rental content from Apple Stores demanded the users to wait for inconveniently longer time- even ‘3000 minutes’- to get loaded.

It is believed that it may not entirely be a bandwidth issue. Upgrading to higher bandwidth internet may help some users to solve the issue but it need not work for all.

Apple had tried to fix the bugs with a bug fix of some kind earlier but it seems it has not solved the problem completely. The discussion forum at Apple has got 28 odd pages on the HDMI issue by the time we report it here.

From the user postings, we understand that Apple is not yet ready to deliver an instant solution or advice for the issue except admitting it off the record.

Well, if you too have the same issue with your Apple TV, let us know here in your comments.

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