Xbox Live Rewards Program

December 1, 2010, By Nicholas Davis

Rumored over a year ago Xbox Live was set to launch a Rewards Program and now after waiting for so long it’s finally here.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Xbox Live do this though. A long time ago Xbox Live was teamed up with Old Spice and gave out monthly prizes for how many achievement points you received. Prizes went from gamer pictures, themes, Xbox Live Arcade games, and Microsoft Points.

Instead of getting your rewards from achievements you receive them from simply renewing your Gold membership, activating Netflix, and other simple tasks. The contest that they often have will still remain as well. Download a Gamer Picture and win an amazing videogame room make over, speakers, or whatever they decide to give away.Purchasing specific Xbox Live Marketplace content will also reward you various prizes.

It’s nice to finally have this feature and get rewarded for the countless hours people spend on Xbox Live. I remember Xbox Live saying depending on how many years you’ve had a Gold Account you will also be rewarded for that. If they do decide to make that a feature I hope its not an avatar shirt with a Gold number on it.

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