Samsung Captivate Gets GPS Fix

December 1, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

AT&T’s Captivate at last has got a fix for the long complained GPS issues. Samsung has announced the availability of a new app which can solve the GPS issues with its Captivate and Vibrant models.

Samsung Captivate and Vibrant users have been reporting a problem with its GPS system that the phone takes long time to accurately solve their position. Sometime it didn’t at all.

Since we had the confirmed reports regarding such issues from our readers, we were expecting a bug fix of some sort from Samsung to solve the problem. The Android utility just announced by the company is expected to solve this GPS glitch.

Dubbed as GPS Restore, this app can reset the devices’ whole GPS settings to default state. Since Samsung seems to believe that it is some mistake from the carrier that makes the GPS issues, they assume that putting everything back to the original state will solve the problem.

If you got the same problem with your device, you can search for ‘GPSSamsungRestore’ in Android Market and download it. After detecting the, model of the device the app will restore GPS setting to default.

Then it starts a GPS test to fix your location. If by any chance it fails, Samsung suggest you move a bit where you get a clear view of the sky and try it again. Well, let us know if it solves your issues.

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