Microsoft Kinect and PlayStation Move Holiday Sale Numbers

December 1, 2010, By Nicholas Davis

The after Black Friday sales are in for these two casual gamer devices. Which sold more? Who is in the lead?

Sony recently announced 4.1 million Move controllers shipped worldwide while Microsoft announced an estimated 2.5 million Kinect cameras sold worldwide as of November 27th to both parties.

PlayStation Move has been out for 11 weeks now and has sold just over 2.5 million Move controllers and sold an impressive 250,000 units last week. Most households will more than likely be purchasing a second Move controller. With those numbers totaled theres an estimated 1.6 million units that consumers have purchased.

Xbox 360 Kinect has been out for 4 weeks and sold 875,000 units last week and around 2.5 million worldwide. Since Kinect has your body as the controller there are no other accessories to purchase  if you have an Xbox 360 “S”. Kinect will definitely improve in sales from here on out and it will be interesting too see how many units they can sale by the end of quarter one in 2011.

Kinect definitely has the edge at this point in the casual game race. Add the time factor of the release dates of both Move and Kinect it’s a clear view too see who is going to have the most numbers by the end of the holiday season. Hopefully people start purchasing more PlayStation Moves.

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