HP Slate Rumored to be Shipping Now; Are You Getting Yours?

December 1, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HP Slate has been one of the most anticipated tablets in the market when they started shipping it recently. Things are going very fast with this device it seems, that reports are emerging about the first shipment is scheduled to reach its user as early as Dec 6th.

We are not yet sure about this story, but reports indicate that at least one user has confirmed that his HP Slate is on the way to his home via FedEx.

He has got the shipping notification from FedEx that his new HP Slate is started the journey from Shanghai. This is expected to be a faulty communication from HP or FedEx. Well, we will have to wait till Dec 6th to confirm that.

If it is not a fault as we assume now, it will be good news indeed for whoever ordered for this cute 8.9 inch tablet powered with Intel Atom Z540 processor.

With 2GB DDR2 onboard memory, this has been one of the most sought HP devices when it was launched in their on-line store for pre-orders.

Tipsters has pointed out in the past that HP didn’t ever expected such a demand for Slate, and was destined to make only 5000 units in the beginning.

But the orders came heaped for around 9000 units. So they were fast trying to meet that gap. So this early shipment news is very hard to crunch at this time. Well, we shall see.

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