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December 1, 2010, By Christian Cawley

Even with a wide variety of calendars and task functions and settings it is still possible to forget appointments and anniversaries. FollowUpThen is a great free service that uses automated emails to remind you to perform tasks, go places, or even send another reminder!

Using FollowUpThen is much simpler than using a calendar or task management application and requires no specialist knowledge – just an email address!

You don’t even have to use FollowUpThen for yourself either. As this system is email-based, anyone you wish to remind of an event or task can be included as a recipient of the email message.

Get automated email reminders with FollowUpThen

How to Use FollowUpThen

The idea of setting up email reminders sounds far more complicated than it is – all you need to do is write in the email subject line what the reminder is for, add optional detail in the body of the message and then send the message to one of FollowUpThen’s special email addresses.

These addresses are basically autoresponders, configured to reply to your email message based on a delay as described in the email address and specified on the FollowUpThen email server.

Use is simply a case of visiting the website, taking note of the options and sending an email reminder to the appropriate email address.

For instance, I can send a reminder by creating a new email and addressing it to with details of the event I need to remember in the subject line – one minute after sending a response will remind me of the event. Any time period can be specified, so to remind myself to go to the doctors next Tuesday I would email and put “Tuesday” in the subject line.

However as powerful as this seems for such an easy to use system, there are even more features that you can take advantage of that are particularly useful if you plan to remind other people of events.

Group Email Reminders

Just as there are three different ways to send an email, so there are three different ways to get results from FollowUpThen.

As we’ve seen, addressing an email in the normal way – by completing the TO: field – will send a response to your inbox after the specified delay.

However additional functionality is available if you instead use the CC: or BCC: fields, and this is particular useful for reminding friends and colleagues of events.

To send a reminder email to a friend, enter their address(es) in the CC: (carbon copy) field along with the address corresponding with the time interval you want.  If the recipient responds to you before the required time or date and uses the Reply to all option in their email program (to reply to FollowUpThen) the email reminder will be discarded – otherwise you will receive the FollowUpThen email as instructed.

Alternatively you can insert an address into the BCC: (blank carbon copy) field to setup an unconditional follow up from FollowUpThen no matter how the email recipient replies.

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