Apple iOS 4.2 Reduces Network Traffic, Reveals Nokia Siemens Study

December 1, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The latest iPhone iOS 4.2is seemed to be cutting down the smartphone signaling to considerable size. According to tests conducted by Nokia Siemens networks, iOS 4.2 supports a technology named Network Controlled Fast Democracy which helps the networks and smartphones to work more quickly without creating unnecessary traffic.

The usual smartphones, since they are loaded with a lot of Apps, creates a flood of signals when they are switched from an idle state to active state. This flood makes considerable traffic congestion on the network.

Since all these show happens in the background the user does not come across this but experience slower network response.

The technological innovation in Network Controlled Fast Democracy keeps the phone in an intermediate state even when it is idle. This avoids the traffic congestion due to disconnecting and reconnecting with the network.

It helps the users to get a faster network response due to less traffic and lesser reconnecting time. Moreover, lower signals mean lower battery usage. So it gives better battery life.

According to an estimate, since the implementation of iOS 4.2 devices, Apple has contributed heavily to cutting down the already frustrated networks around the globe.

Nokia has also implemented this new technology in their smartphones earlier this year.

Since a major number of smartphones in the world belong to these manufacturers, the technology has brought down the traffic congestion considerably.  We hope more manufactures will follow this way soon.

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