Windows Phone 7 Update Likely in Jan; to Feature Copy/Paste & More

November 30, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Even as you continue to play with the Windows Phone 7 OS on you smart phone, what we have in our hands is a bunch of rumors and unofficial word from the working team about the new features of an imminent update for Windows Phone 7. Want to hear more?

Chris Walsh, a major contributor to the development for Chevron WP7, recently tweeted on the possible WP7 update. In his tweet, he mentioned that the update is worth being named WP8 with its new features.

Touted to come with Microsoft’s intensive work which brought out Apple’s three years struggle just in three months, the new update is expected to be ground breaking.

The update is expected to feature many hitherto missing features like Copy / Paste which will make things easier for the guys using WP7 OS. It is also heard to be featuring multi tasking in some form. We have to wait till the release to confirm it.

With certain tweaks to the Bing, it is expected to showcase turn-by-turn directions and improvements. There was another recent rumor that the WP7 update will sport innovative custom ringer support, with which users can edit, customize and add ring tones to their WP7 phones. This app is expected to allow users access a library from which users can download favorite ringtones.

Well, Microsoft is yet to confirm any of these details. They have kept tight-lipped about the features and possible launch date of this WP7 update. But we are expecting a launch as early as this January.

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