Samsung Continuum Needs a Little Tweak with its E-mail App

November 30, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As you all know, the Samsung Continuum arrived with a lot of hoopla about its innovative double display –an innovative display coupled with an additional ticker display. We have been thinking that Continuum is a pretty device from Samsung. However, we recently came across talk about issues concerning the Continuum while using it for handling e-mails.

The gist of these rumors is that the Samsung Continuum is not that handy when it comes to sending and receiving e-mails, particularly from more than one mail account. First and foremost, it is difficult to sort out whether Samsung Continuum is running POP3 or IMAP. Once you login, the phone decides its own and there is no way to switch between POP and IMAP afterwards.

Similarly, there is no easy way to delete a POP or IMAP service. The Accounts menu under the Settings, do have Gmail and social networking sites, but there is no Mail Account settings making it difficult to manage email from different email providers.

Thus the e-mail app doesn’t manage the messages the way we need to. Since they don’t handle multiple messages, you have to manually delete or file messages. However, downloading third party e-mail app like K-9 Mail may help you but if Continuum had a satisfactory e-mail app,  that would have made this smartphone rocking with all its innovation.

Well, if you too have come across such issues, let us know.

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